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akaryon coordinates the CINAMON project. akaryon is a research based Austrian SME founded in 1999. Since 2000 akaryon comprises of two locations, one in the rural area of Styria, one in the Austrian capital Vienna. The company has gradually grown in terms of turnover and employment and currently employs more than 10 people. Interest for sustainability topics and the intention to increase awareness on the responsible use of resources are part of our corporate mission: We are specialized in the development of complex web applications dealing with environmental and energy related topics, thereby often fulfilling educational purposes. Apart from capitalizing our web-based/mobile environmental informatics applications as standalone solutions, we also take part in environmentally relevant educational projects on a regular base not only introducing our know-how but also providing our solutions to project target groups (for example learners with different educational backgrounds). We often also co-ordinate these projects, as well as we also have experience in managing co-operative research projects

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The Climate Alliance is a global partnership for climate protection and currently connects more than 1,700 communities in 27 European countries with indigenous peoples in South America. The common goals are the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the protection of the Amazon rainforest. In Austria the Climate Alliance is the largest climate protection network. It has grown continuously and includes Climate Alliance municipalities, Climate Alliance companies, Climate Alliance schools and kindergartens as well as all Austrian federal states and the municipality of Vienna. The focus of Climate Alliance’s work is on information and awareness raising, networking and further education as well as the implementation of projects and campaigns in the fields of climate protection, climate justice and climate change adaptation. Unique in Europe is the long-term cooperation with selected regions in the Amazon region. Since 1993 Climate Alliance Austria has supported FOIRN, the umbrella organisation of indigenous organisations at the Rio Negro in Brazil. The focus lies on raising awareness in Austria. A climate-friendly lifestyle not only lowers greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, but also reduces the pressure on the rainforests. The greatest successes of the Climate Alliance partnership are on the one hand the protection of 135,000 km² of rainforest in Amazonia. FOIRN was granted land rights by the Brazilian government for an area 1.6 times the size of Austria. Equally long-term and successful is the partnership between the Climate Alliance municipalities and the federal state in Vorarlberg and the Chocó region in Colombia.