CINAMON will ‘Spice up your digital analytical skills for Climate Action and Monitoring’


Duration: November 2021 – Oktober 2024

Partners: akaryon GmbH, Climate Alliance Austria, Climate Alliance Europe, Climate Alliance Italy, REFLEX

Funding: co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme


CINAMON will strive to educate, skill up and empower “climate managers”

1 through the acquisition of digital competencies for climate action and communication in the field of mitigation and adaptation.

2 by building capacity to implement science-based processes – with the help of digital services and tools


Climate managers working in municipalities, regional governments, companies and organisations,

who are responsible for climate action, climate communication and monitoring.


The partners will develop two e-learning courses and a digital Climate Action Repository.

The first digital course will be on climate action and campaigning, the other one on climate impact measurement.

You are interested in supporting CINAMON? Please contact us and become one of our associated partners.

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